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Recognise currency patterns

This is how i read the forex market day in day out - applies to any timeframe ....take a look

forex trading is a lot easier with a compass or map to show you what each currency (and indeed pair) is doing .........if you are focused on only 1 or 2 pairs I guarantee you are missing out on most of the profitable moves ......... for the G8 Currencies there are a total of 28 pair charts you need to be watching your screen that big ? unless you can afford that many screens (and multiple pairs of eyes !) you need to introduce forex strengthmeters into your trading strategy to filter/prioritise the trends and trading opportunities I decided to take this approach as my main Edge in my trading from early 2000's and it hasn't let me down .......sure it needs focus and concentration at times ....but what doesn't ? Neil (NVP)

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