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DEMO's....use and abuse

nothing wrong with using Demos ......

i use them all the time i am always always testing

also i sometimes force myself to play a 50/50 trade out on demo to stop me being so damn implulsive live sometimes !

generally saves me a few pips over time ..........and ive still traded in a way ....

get trades out of your system one way or another........ anything you have to do it on demo if the head is saying stayout

beware though as demo trading is easier than Live get a little more time and slippage i think......

so make sure you can kick butt (like my attachment below) befroe you try live trading ........if you are always losing on demo at least you know you really really need to pick up the pace to even think about Live trading - so its a great and safe learning place to be


heres some demo fun testing...yen was easy so it looks real goooood !!

something new today .....actually yen went bonkers bull so i wish i had been live ......hahahahahaha

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