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hey gang - i get a hell of a lot of emails about this question - heres my normal reponse :- On 14 Sep 2017, at 13:36, XXX> wrote: Dear FXCorrelator, I have recently viewed your posts on regarding reviews of [REMOVED] and his [REMOVED] course, which I thought of buying. I am a new trader, still on a demo account, and learning the basics of indicators and terms before from "pipsology" course before I start trading with real money, preferably in the next few weeks, however with a £100 account, as I am looking to make around £200 per month or so. Is it possible that you could provide me with any advice? Or any way we could talk extensively for any queries I have about trading, for which I have many. Hi [removed] Personally in my opinion you can do a lot better than just paying his company lots of money to learn simple strategies ...and many others in truth 95% of these trading academies and schools are taking your money to teach you the basics of trading and then very very basic trading systems ...that don't really make any money .....story to tell you that but it's true's all available by researching free online and finding some good traders threads to read and learn from Sure they are useful but I would say mostly there's no more than perhaps £50-100 of information worth learning ......the rest is you are paying for someone's time and marketing expenditure plus then it's all profit for,them ......easy money !!! My advice is to get in the big forums like forex factory and learn learn learn and test things in demo......don't start trading real money till you are making consistent money in demo mode ......please ! I am only mentoring a small group of forex traders at moment but will be running courses in 2018 for larger groups sorry can't really help at the moment Stay in touch with my website and updates at forex factory and trade2 win threads for the courses .... Cheers Neil NVP

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