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2018 warming up just fine .....

I published this at around 9.30 am this morning on my forums and twitter

hey all slooooow start for me .............a little rusty usd has been bull from 6am so far ......eased off and coming back bull again now from 9am europeans are the sells im working GU EU and UCHF mainly I could have chased the NU and AU off the recent fade of the usd but i'll stick to Bull usd plays at moment nothing to strenuous or risky so far N

12.30 update below - so its back in the groove quickly thanks to a kind market today

chasing a bull us dollar again has worked well this morning the GU has now worked down to 3550's from the 3590's since my last post so plenty of pips if you got the timing right ! EU finally breached the 2030 levels (from 2040s when i was looking earlier ...and now been down to low 2000's so no complaints there either for scalps ! Uchf buys also came out of 9720's from earlier to hit 9760's so far ! no complaints here as i warm up nicely today :smart: my strengthmeter based systems (Red pill !!!) always make it real for me ....... N

4PM update - GU is now 100 pips off the 3590 levels where i started scalp / selling it .....what a very nice start to the trading year for me !

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