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scalping action 22 Mar 2018

a little scalping this morning ...........heres exclusive content attached re the fixed FXCorrelaor view of the market from 7am GMT to date and a 1 min ucad chart where i traded the sells

see that usd mainly been bear plays from 7am .....but heavy buying now last hour or so Cad strangely the main alpha hitter on bull side ..wheres the european calvary when you need them ?

I played mainly ucad sells early phase ....see charts .....and with europeans languishing bear I hit EJ sells more recently .......see the yellow and blue lines ? ......some action on buying usd into europe but as stated i was nervous off the initial usd selling

use my basic FXcorrelator indicator (on links page to get on the alpha bear and bull currencies ...make life simpler for yourself in forex :)

sorry the fixed fxcorrelator will only be available in my course later in 2018

have a good one :smart: N

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