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Trading week 2nd April

i hav'nt really been that focused this week on actually trading fx ....few other things going on as already mentioned re new trading regulations.....

the week so far has seen a relatively strong CAD emerging during the us session on tuesday and then some consolidation / rebuying yesterday yesterday

usd is flatlining .........swissie euro and yen the main sellers so far, yen is really swinging after some half decent highs on monday evening....

GBP has been mainly bull with some half decent swing trades offered at key times

just using a simple 1hour FXCorrelator on say a 20ma setting gives a decent indication of where the action is for the week so far (see the links page in this website)

the ma based basic fxcorrelator is a simple beast depending how you want to use it ........most traders i have worked with use it by simply only ever buying currencies above the zero line and selling those below the zero line combined with in their own trading strategies .......

there are many many more interesting and complex strategies that can be adopted with this indicator that i will be publishing at some point later this year as promised ...

here is the fixed start FXcorrelator in top part of chart and a 20ma 1 hour FXcorrelator in the bottom ...i mainly use the fixed FXcorrelator in my trading these days (sorry not available for free) but the free ma based one is always very useful to me and to the many traders i have worked with over the years

have a good day


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