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30th May Forex Diary

8:25 am (BST)

been scalping since 6.30..........interesting so far

euro recovering a little so far .....but will it last the day ? Happy to sell yen and usd into it ....yen is THE sell though so far

heres the action so far.....ive been working scalps up from 125.50 on EJ and 1540's EU aside from initial raw breaches ...ive marked the obvious area where many traders came back in for more buys ....loads of systems will have identified an opportunity ....from fibs to RSI's to Ma crosses .....not rocket science (See Chart 1)

8:45 am

another scalp 1576 - 1582/3 so far on EU .......ZZZZZ similarly 125.93-126.05 on EJ .......ZZZZZZ

not convinced we will see new highs here now on these pairs ???

im really waiting for a Euro meltdown again today .........but will only trade it if i see it

8:47 am

usd driving down hard now .Eu up to 1588 so a decent 3rd scalp of morning on that pair now ..watching Euro index like a hawk ....i am looking for sells off daily highs...

8.56 am

ive had some nice euro buys this morning ...about 6 scalps off the EU and EJ pairs as it has come up from levels below ....50 pip drive off EU and 60 pip drive off the EJ so far .....ok

CHART 2 below

its not rocket science ........just find a solid and robust strategy , add some common sense and plenty of focus and discipline ...and 100% execution excellence .......

the rest is just then about getting the sample size of your trades up to shift the odds more in your favour .....

you need at least 1000 trades using any proven and reliable system to guarantee profits .....:)

all systems will falter on lower sample sizes give them time

10:34 am

major major tests for the euro bull now .......its faded a lot and under pressure ...

i am really looking to short Euro if the signals hold .....we will see next 30 mins

EurCHF is my main potential sell at moment frustrated i didnt hit it earlier as euro faded a little - shouldve been bold at 1490's for resells .........1464 at moment ....will come in on a bounce

11:04 am

eyes on EURCAD at 5090's .poss resell if euro dumps


happy taking EURCAD or EURCHF sells .....both a few pips up already


heres the market on a 1 hour 20ma .......(CHART 3)

euro has been killing it bull since about 6am BST (8am on my chart) likewise the yellow yen bombed it as well south

i did ok earlier on these trades

i am trying to be a clever dicky and short the euro in anticipation of a new york selloff....and for other reasons not shown by or from the basic FXcorrelator .......

yen is still moving so no reason to anticipate a bounce buy yet

i am hunting CAD , NZD and CHF buys into the euro .....but on small scalps only

Eurcad offered a handfull of sell pips in last 15 mins and is still running as a decent scalp sell ....Eur chf was a scratch selloff ......i didnt sell euro into NZD unfortunately as its running


EURCAD still coming south 5073 now from 5095 ...i was calling a little later in 5080's though

14:07 pm

23 mins to NY Bell.....USD has been bear all morning ...50 pip move since 6.30 BST.....EU offered most opps ......Yen solid to -90's ....excellent action .......Euro the bull .....suprised me how far it got north this morning +70 pips but fading at moment

EJ has turned over on the 5mins ...lets see if it holds and we finally get a selloff of Euro i'll mainly play EU I suspect .....perhaps EJ but i need more selling on yen to persuade me


watching UCAD resells ........been driftign for a while back now to 2996/7.....will hit it if it drifts down to 2980s


cad is running the bear show so far and thats not working for me ......not seeing anything to play it off with a weak/nuetral USD ........yen , NZD bull .....cant be arsed to trade those pairs


im seeing the euro turning over bear ....will hunt EUR sells into primarily gbp chf NZD and slowly the EU sells may be offering - waiting for some setups to confirm


please gimme a pullback on EJ ...please ....euro and CAD are settling in as the NY session sells ....we just need some setups now gang ...


mistype - CAD spiked north ...just resetting some indicators to trade the big step chnage


ok im just playing cad buys at moment much volatility on it its the only game in town selling Ucad naturally


when you get that kind of spike i generally just trade straight thru the bbreach tails ......but thats another story for another time ....2921/20 my entries selling it down to 2884 so far ...i missed the big one naturally as wasnt watching it .....


you must drop to 1mins when it goes up the gears that fast .....better view of entries due to the accelerated volatility


ucad back at 2897.....resold it at 94

15:22 - taken 86

15:28 selling ucad down still.....forget strengthmweters this is all about experience and tape watching the Ucad 1 min

15:31 ok lets see what ucad has got ...shes retracing now ...get ready to resell

15:34 84-75 spread on last 1 min bar ...waiting

15:37 nearly back into the 90's ....will hit it hard soon

15:38 iN...2884

15:39 2875 locked in profits .....

15:41 ok back later ......i have probably 50+ traders following with me across 2-3 forums and my website so all good stuff ......just selling down UCAD at moment

15:55 BOOOOOOOM - 2873 sell

15:57 out b/ didnt move fast enough

17:12 been occupied elsewhere but still working the ucad sells when they came..... i'd been working area 1 up to last post then lost interest as i could'nt get it set up for sells ...around 4.25 ish BST (16.25 on chart 4) i was firing up on 1 min to get back into the game .....been ok selling down since then as Ucad has fallen 40 pips ....not too bad since the spike we've seend cad still bull alongside the euro .......most others are the sells

Chart 4




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