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31st May Forex action....

good morning everyone this mornings action / Diary so far :- 6am BST opened doors (8am on chart 1) Euro and AUD and GBP were early buys ...then gbp faded Sells were YEN and USD Primary scalps so far on EuroYen and EuroUSD ive shown on the 1min with a 50ma hung off the charts.....once i get a feel for the market i can latch onto my main pairs (from the 28 in the G8 combos) and hit them with more standard price action patterns......but i always have other Strengthmeter based patterns and strategies in the background as well to assist 60 pip range on EY and 50 pip range on EU so far ....if you cant make money scalping with that kind of trend in 2 hours shouldnt be trading :) 10:39am

euro has flattened off so not much left on the EU ...EJ has still been ok

ive done alright - no complaints today ........EJ peaked at around 90 pips up from early london opens , EU got to 50 pips

10:47 may go EJ back into buy above 127/32-33 ...watching condirtions

11:55 into EJ buys at 127.34

10:58 127.40 so locking in b/e's

11:02 nope stopped out for small win ...i was way to late on late - sorry gang

11:11 rebought at 127.24 EJ

11:14 if USD were swinging more i'd be on the USD pairs ...but its flat at moment hence im chasing other pairsi was B/e on the EJ ...again :(

chart 1

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