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31st Aug 2018 - Forex Diary

7:35 am BST

hey all - usd really hasnt shown its hand yet ...its bear though just ....from 6am so far

euro and GBP also pretty neutral so far .....yen is on balance Bull

cad is strongest , AUD weakest so far

i suppose UCAD sells are most interesting to date ....but i prefer involving euro or GBP in my early london trading


messy is the word so far !!

im trying to work cable sells and in fact uchf sells ..........not perfect as that means i am not giving a bias to usd .......but thats what you have to do when usd is flat/choppy

im looking for 3-5 pips MAX .....very fast and very messy ....not for the fainthearted


to be honest i am just working the USd as being net bear and trying to buy yen and CHF into it ..........awful correlation patterns this morning ...i really should forget it today until it gets better...


still slow day ........the usd has not swung more that 7-8 pips either side of zero from 6am trend = no real profitable action on usd pairs...unless the other currency delivers major moves ..........i like my trading low risk chasing yen bull has been ok .....but hardly my favourite pairs to trade london in truth

Post close

NY session yesterday was slightly more interesting.....Euro stayed bear, and the USD continued Bullish from London morning session......EU was the play safe from 1650's to 1580's at times during NY complaints

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