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25th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

12:44 pm BST

this morning was a replay of yesterday .....

Gbp and Euro came bull post 6am ..easy pickings

selling USD and yen mainly ....

oh man..... if only it was as easy as this on all trading days

heres cable on a 5 min TF games here just have to look for decent pullbacks

........i am already on cable because my strengthmeters told me to buy GBP and Sell USD .....after that...... forget fancy indicators and envelopes and fibs etc etc ..

all i have to do here is look for sustained pullbacks / patterns off my Bull bias

there are 3 occasions where i see 5 consecutive bear bars i get aggressive on the bounce

and also a real big retrace off 2 bars again i get jiggy with the buying

see the yellow arrows on chart below

sure i may be on other charts and setups to get more granular.......but even on this simple 5 min chart .....its not rocket science gang !

18:15 pm BST

GBP currency has held its place as number 1 bull today from 6am london opens....its been ranging nicely ...........Cable has ranged 3150s - 3170s in US session so far ........not convinced it will go higher

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