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20th Nov 2018 - Forex Diary

10:48 am GMT

tricky today ...

usd and Yen were bear during early London opens....then swung bull since ......gbp is all over the place as well

EJ probably best pair for action .......been selling it from 128.70s to 128.30s so far

messy though this morning .........Cable is now on third direction for me today ....normally i prefer to just go from london opens and not have to switch bias ....

12:53 pm GMT

as stated earlier .......E/J bear a decent one to follow through london so far.....

its again resold down from 126.60s to 128.30s

find the alpha pairs and trade them ...thats all I do guys ...thats all I do

well actually i do a little more than that in my strategies ....but you get my meaning

19:20 pm GMT

Dow session has continued to send usd bull .....steady action selling Euro , CAd and also GBP at times ......pretty steady scalping issues from me

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