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22nd Nov 2018 - Forex Diary

8:50 am GMT

morning all ........choppy action so far .....ive not scalped much at all ...too much noise and bad correlation so far

ok im pretty much just on cable sells and ucad buys at moment .....but again its TIGHT !!!

8:55 am

because i am trading so much i dont get chances to call exact trades here live ....

ok i would deffo hit cable resells if it breached 2781 at this excact moment ......2783 as i speak


now price has drifted to 2786/87 with 9am bar coming i step down .....thats how fast it is ...naturally

thats why it is impossible for me to call on the forums for scalping action


todays London opens is a really wicked market and plenty of opportunities for the market to take out stops before it shows its hands

for example i could sell cable at around 2782/81 as already said ....but i can see that its gonna probably whip me back to 2787/88 to take out the scalpers stop positions...

i can either gamble at moment or step out of game till it gets better

thats how you stay profitable gang and realise the situation



could have had ucad rebuys off 3234/5 to 39 so far .........but missed it


as thought cable flicked the 2788 to stop out scalpers ...looking to sell it now ...N


couldnt get cable under 2782 ....really frustrating has been turning over now .....GBP coming north hard now so been happier to buy it .........


cracking run up from 2780s to the 2920s from cable ...worth waiting for

jees it was painful today before that !


freshened up and trading the Dow opening session now on Forex ....

GBP initially came off a little and Cable has been worth selling .....usd now under pressure so im on ucad sells .......reselling from 3220s down to 3190s so far ......

GBP can wait re more reselling ...wouldnt recommend chancing it above 2864/65 levels really


ucad offered a decent resell at 1.3200 levels .....spiked down to 3187 so far

market is lean guys ....ZZZZZZZZz

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