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2018 G8 performance

heres a snapshot of the G8 currencies on one of my customised Strengthmeters its baselined from 1/1/2018 so you can see where all the G8 are re 2018 performance you can see the Blue Euro is languishing with the brown CAD and Red GBP as the dog of the G8 Group the superstar bulls are the green USD and the yellow Yen ..... nobody knows what will happen next .....but I really need the Blue Euro to show me a little more before i would decide if it is indeed continuing to sell or is in fact consolidating into more gains off its yearly low in November nothing here to call on EU at this T/F sorry thats not a call .....i trade this kind of pattern style across all timeframes and especially when scalping (which is 90% of my trading these days) i can afford to wait as the best trade signals come to me ..... Good trading Neil

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