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11th Jan 2019 - Forex Diary

07:50 GMT

ok last day of week..............been an ok one for me after a late start ......steady pips last few days

london session so far slow......GBP finally revealing some bear action

NZD and Swissie are the main bulls ........


2741 resell cable


2734 was hit take what you can gang this session ...its hard work so far


ok CAD still strong and GBP THE bear .....but slow progress selling cable on bounces.....

cable now 2727 down from 2750s when i started selling it way back earlier


left a trailer on the 2741 scalp....down to 2718 now move of day


boring and slow still.........i actually scalped cable up a while back as only the GBP index is showing any real volatility ...nothing else shaking at moment ...(NOT GOOD TRADING GUYS)

i took cable up at 2724 and it finally clawed to 2736 now .....i will have no hesitation selling it if it offers again back into london session main trend of bear


still no sign of cable selling ...been scalping up to 2750s now from 2720s

today i am taking a few discretionary risks trading the market based on my experience ......this is where i struggle to explain myself to programmers .....i go with the flow ...i cant teach this stuff .....its not perfect but it works for me ..........cable to 2769 now nearly some 40-50 pips up on cable bull which i would not have traded using mainstream rules


still got a cable scalp on from 2765 ...stop at 2759 .....already taken profit on it leaving a trailer

i'll look at reselling cable low 2750s if it ever comes again


got most of that spike in cable ...oh yeah ....what the hell happened ?


hey all ..ive been following that 120 pip swing buy on GBP index for a few hours me into Cable from way back earlier as already mentioned ...

ok so big battle at moment ....GBP index looks like its fading off significant resistance level (as Cable is 1.2800s )

happy to scalp it either way ......just waiting for the appropriate signals


took the rebuys at 2803 ...lets see if she runs


2815 the high complaints .....cable now back in chop


2826 now for cable so still buying...........GBP index has swung 135 pips since 9am this morning after an aggressive early london selloff

currency of the day and i havnt really strayed from cable much at all .......always go where the volatility is !!!


cable now 2834....had last trade in from 2810 still trailing complaints

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