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17th Jan 2019 - Forex Diary


morning all currently scalping GBP south......cable is as good as any yen is flying north offering good EJ and UJ sells as well


50% retrace now on gbp index since london opens.....must admit ive sneaked in a couple of cable bull scalps so far from 2840s to 2860s now

why ? ...........because the GBP is so volatile this week theres usually at least 5 pips in the retraces i am chasing cable both directions most of the time in the high liquidity sessions we are seeing

G8 is consolidating london at moment


cable turned over into resells at around 2868 ...sold to 2862 so far ....


flat market at moment .....sitting on hands

might go cable resells again around 2868 ish ....depends


took cable resell at 77 in the end ......2869 now


got cable to 62 off that scalp ...waiting again at moment as it trackes back up to 2880s so far patience


banged in another at to 72 so far


cable only got to 69 a while back real slow now .....back later

yen was the main bull so far ....gbp the most volatile sell.....if you like your trades steady then selling NZD has been good this morning also


cable now bull as you all can see

ive scalped twice so far from 88 to 2900 and now just 96 to 05 ......tricky times


GBP still bullish so have been working it up from 2880s to 2920s so far .......Cad got bear earlier so UCAD sells also good pair to scalp could look at GBPCAD but i tend to like keeping my stops at max 5 pips ......and the GBPCAD spread eats too much into that pair unless i step back and go for more longer swing trading signals


still buying cable when offered .......some nice moves

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