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22nd Jan 2019 - Forex Diary

7:34 GMT

morning all

steady scalping morning so far ...all good

ive been selling mainly CAD and now GBP

im buying yen and USD both decent bulls

shaping up well


obvious resell on cable last few mins at around 2867


sorry been mentoring / trading with a small group last hour or so .....couldnt post

ok GBP has gone north big time ...........i was happy from around 8.40ish

been buying cable up from 2870s to 2920s so far ...nice !

all other GBP pairs are good .......but i prefer cable re spreads...........


hey all

CAD and GBP are still providing most action today ....GBP north and CAD south ......

i needed cable at 2900 to justify rebuying .....its at 2916 now so in play

Ucad bull bus still running .....nice plays this morning


BP hot approx +90 pips from opening 6am london a while back

no complaints from me ....if you cant take a few pips from an Alpha currency that booms 90 pips bull...then you ARE IN THE WRONG BUSINESS .....

anyway GBP has flattened and Cable is way off now some 15-20 pips from 2968 recent high

its in a small rally though if you are watching ........if it can get back above 2956 i will start paying attention

CAD still a useful sell ....


hey all ...just final did hit 56 earlier and i got back in to 69 high so far ...but sloooow


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