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14th Feb 2019 - Forex Diary

7:21 GMT

morning all ........

real mess on London market at moment ......back later


my main fun pair Cable is completely eratic at moment and being played by big banks ....stay clear at moment


slow old progress ..resell on Cable and EU and even EJ all coming now ...watching

2830 resell entry Cable

1264 resell EU



2823 the low on Cable

1259 the low on EU

for that cycle....

tight scalping action !


EJ tempting at 125.18.....looking for resell with a tight tight 125.22/23 stop available


also missed resell on cable at 41.............urrrrrrrrrrrrr


ok been scalping cable other pair on G8 going as well ......on lower TFs anyway

got in 3 decent scalps after missing the one earlier ....grrrrrrrrrr

GBPCAD is a real nice looking resell as well.........there was a signal earlier at 6985 that failed ........but one to tuck away until we see some decent resistance kicking in and holding


not sure where i got that 6985 figure from above .......I must be halucinating !

anyway CAD is having a great US open session .....bull bull bull

GBPCAD peaked at 7070's and now been down to 6990's so far ......not too shabby

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