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The cost of training

[QUOTE="allinazi, post: 3091454, member: 581600"] no problems I wish training was free, But I did my research I would not get mentorship from a guy who cant show some sort of live track record or hasn't got a history of working in the industry on a professional level[/QUOTE]

sure ...understood....but also beware that most track records can be faked .....i would also recommend you also see where the trader has been active in forums over the years to ensure they are the real deal ...........someone who appears out of the shadows with no media / forum exposure and then offers to mentor with a "decent" track record they produce is to be viewed with extreme suspicion.......i would then only work with them if they offer some real time results in a honeymoon period of say at least 20-30 trades ..........preferably more you can see for real whats happening faking

I personally dont produce anything to people who want to work with me these days .......they know me from here and my other forum activity and my other media areas over the last 10-15 years......i can direct them to some historic live calls here at times when i was calling live and producing reports ......but even then i tell them my systems evolve over time so i'm probably not trading those systems anymore b*llshit....

these days if someone chooses not to work with me then good luck to them ...I just try to advise them of the stuff in bold above so at least they have a chance of learning something from a half decent and reputable mentor


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