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August Break .....

hey all ...

sorry but i am still under the radar at moment .....

i have plenty of projects on the go and i am also trading but not as publicly as usual as no time available to do it .......

will hopefully get back to more active posting and content provision in September ....

I also havnt forgotten that i promised some courses at some point in my career again

its all sitting down in my notes and residing in my head thats a frightening thought !

seriously I will get to it .......and have been flatteringly approached by quite a few traders now that I respect to co-produce work and strategies suitable for training traders.....

However I have performed many joint ventures in the past developing systems and strategies for clients - and that was always pretty challenging - without trying to sell to the general Trading community as well -

so I have turned everyone down to date - thanks again though Guys !

so stay in touch here and i can update as and when i get my act together

talk soon dudes - enjoy the break as this great weather wont last forever (like the markets)



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