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FX Action from 16th Sep

hey all

big action on CAD and GBP so far this week .....heres the playbook for me on one of my Customised FXCorrelator indicators

this one sets a fixed Zero star for all 8 currencies from sunday night opens

brown Cad has been solid bull but now has fell back

Red GBP went deep bear ....but now having a resurgence today

So how do i trade Forex ?

I have been posing on FX Forums for 10 years guys and havnt really wavered from how i trade and teach this stuff from 2001......

I use my FXCorrelator (See free links on other pages at this website) tells me what currencies are doing in relation to each other

based on the timeframe and Zone I am working with ........if im scalping looking for what the currencies a doing re trends , Support levels , resistance levels , correlations between currencies (and non correlations).....and many other things

once i see something that is part of my strategies and related triggers ...I get involved and trade ......

thats it ..........

im always here at T2win no matter how busy i am and will respond to you if you have any questions ...ive been trading since the 1980s and forex professionally since 2001 .........this correlation thread has had nearly 2.5 million views in 10 years and I am extremely grateful to everyone I meet and talk to along the way ......

always be the eternal Student and be curious and humble in your trading and mindset

cheers guys


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