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September Market update

so guys ....

I have been trading but in truth with other consultancy work so pressing im not really posting and broadcasting a much as i want to across the big forums and here at my own personal website

anyway where are we ? - lets talk september

heres a fixed FXCorrelator....zeroises all currencies on 1st September to see where they are now and approx relative pips generated

Well amazingly wev'e seen a very good Sterling performance .........but sadly the Boris antics in the last week have ended the jamboree as Parliament is recalled and the whole depressing and debilitating party is back in town

ive had a good run through this period ...and this week especially as ive sold GBP through the floor anticipating the retrace.......

(See second chart)

that all i do guys ....i look for relative Currency strengths and weakness on charts like this (and my free fxcorrelator available in links on this website) and then go with the trend on the BEST PERFORMING PAIRS

does this work ? ..........sure most of the time ...and if you introduce all those things great traders do to the strategy (MM, discipline, timing , execution efficiency, etc) then it makes money .....

anyway always happy to chat guys

have fun


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