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Forex day 14th Oct 2019

actually got some time to trade today !!!

interesting day so far .....Sterling is really thumping around my FXCorrelator strengthmeter .....Alpha volatile currency all day I chased cable down this morning from 1.2600's to its low of 2517s Then got back in as it came up from 2550's (being conservative) 2640's Now we are seeing a resell phase ........i waited until the resell at 2608 ...down to 2530s at the moment im trying to resell looking for clues ...but i havnt resold cable as yet sure ive dropped a few test/retest trades on some of those turning points ...but thats peanuts compared to the overall 3 trend runs of 80 pips south then 90 north and now 70 south again ...... be patient ......GBP will post you some money when its ready this week will all be GBP action so trade those pairs N

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