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Dont Believe the Hype......

I took a look through all the latest Youtube trading videos yesterday and once again had some real laughs ..some of the stuff is so bad its good ......and 99.9% of it is in truth oversold garbage....a few gems here and there but mainly entertainment at best .......dont go there !!!

but for beginners new to trading I must sympathise ....I've been lucky enough to be around trading floors since the early 80s and was already a seasoned gambler in my teens I was never exposed to the oversold garbage and hype that you guys are seeing ......I got trained by the best and kept learning these last 40 years ....with forex my speciality the last 21 years

please please do your due diligence and seek out all the excellent free stuff that the internet and google provides

I am happy to provide links to half decent websites and free courses to get you rolling go to my Free training page here at ....dont do anything till you've done this for a few months plus playing with demo accounts

you will save $000s by doing it yourself ......maybe until such time you need a mentor or a decent specialist course that suits you ......but by then you will KNOW what you are looking for ......not paying scammers to sell you stuff they got for free and just consolidated it ......they cant make money trading so sell stuff instead .....Truth


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Jul 26, 2021

Dear sir (is there a liquidity indicator for the whole currency market)

one that measures the start for London andNew York..? It would show the currency

strength for the whole market..not individual currencies ..but overall market

thanks Anne Morrison

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