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Forex Diary 14th Feb 2020

9:25 GMT

hey guys

some interesting action today ...ive chased cable up and down so far and doing ok now for pips......liking the eurobull as well ive been into EurGBP as well for a change (not shown) .....

I may look like i live on the cable pair ....but i will move in a heartbeat to a better trending pair if i see it ......thats why i make consistent profits ...i ride the pairs that are moving and trending better than the rest -

there are 28 pairs in the G8.....

so only ride the alphas......

and stop riding the donkeys !!!!



ok going to pack up soon as busy on other things .......

ok look at the chart .....5 waves of selling this mornings session on cable (below the open 6am price level)

sure i can see that Cad has been bull and Euro has help bull as well (my EG bull trades were ok as well)

but overall the usual alpha GBP was swinging like a trooper so why fight the obvious ?

great week for complaints on my daily pip hauls ....


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