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Forex Diary 22nd May 2020

8:50 GMT

nice morning so far....... GBP Alpha Sell 30 pips south so far EUR,AUD,CAD sells as well Solid USD Bull , with Yen NZD CHF im all over Cable selling like a rash ......ok so far Weekly positions show Yen and USD fading off strong earlier sells in week so we are trading against trend so far today


ok long morning ...i continued hitting cable sells ....for previous reasons given 

see the charts and see why i was on that pair ?......

EU sells were interesting as well .......2 good pair options to trade 

so many pairs were frustratingly rangy today so far and those following them would have lost money getting pulled out of shape ........But i wasnt on the DUD ones ...i was using my strengthmeter strategies here to get me on the best pairs to trade 


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