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Forex Diary 24th Mar 2020

10:45 GMT

hey all 

ok the USD and Yen dominating sells this morning so far ........everything else is a buy ....more recently GBP got clear of the bull pack .....120 pips of prime buyable scalping range so far on cable since 6am  



working Cable up from 1750s slow work now .....1768 so far highs


more recent hours have seen USD consolidate north .....GBP still the alpha Bull but this dynamic reduces the impact and benefits of trading Cable significantly 

Ive been playing into especially the yens continued Bearness and trading a bullish  UJ a lot ..and enjoying the low spreads this pair offers 

watch Ucad as well ....ive been really eager to work that pair noth but Cad has been generally strengthening alongside USD so far ....its turned last fee mins and im working up from 4430s to 4460s so far ....


usd still slow climbing Bull last few hours can bounce cable off it north due to the volatility of the bull GBP ...but technically my main play has been selling Cad and JPY into the usd moves ....i started at 4430s on Ucad (see earlier) all the way to 4500 so far..still plenty of movement in markets but nothing like earlier in week so far ...N

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