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Forex Diary - Covid's impact 2020

jees gang...what a year .....and no shortage of great volatility and Trading opportunities for Forex Traders

heres the REAL market action from mid Feb when global markets finally realised the financial and Economic Armageddon that Covid19 was going to bring....

(this indicator is available here for a small NHS charitable donation)

some 40% wiped off US equities inside a few weeks and the move of funds into

yellow Yen, Green USd , Grey CHF ..........and the blue Euro

EURO ? ...EURO ? ...where did he come from ?...all hail the new Risk play currency ?

Not only did the Euro challenge the traditional (risk on) currencies for Supremacy in February - but by JUNE it then preceded to become the #1 Currency post Covid meltdown ...and still is a big margin !

why ? ..........well actually lots of reasons any decent FX forum or commentary site and they will bore you to death with facts and figures and opinions.....all post event of course .....because hindsight is all they have

So whats next for Q4 ?

I'm not sure folks .....I will trade the signals i see and go from there .......but Im certainly giving the Euro some big respect in my calls.....because at the moment it seems to be all roads lead to Euro regardless of market movements

have a good Q4 ...and be careful out there Forex Traders


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