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Forex Diary for the week ending 10th Dec 2021

My fix start indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity

Big Volatility week - finally !!!


good week for Brown CAD ....massive push to +230 pips by Wednesday

Orange AUD did ok getting to +150's by Wednesday


Yellow JPY got to -170's by Wednesday.....the rest were sub 100 pip moves lead by Grey CHF

Trades of the week ?

All about first 3 days of the week as the G8 Diverged nicely !

Brown CAD dominated the bull plays and Yellow Yen the Bears many opportunities to make serious pips this week

then a lot of pairs came off into the weekend (predictable)

Strengthmeters give me a tremendous insight into the FX market, but very few Forex Traders use them in their Trading..... a real shame as you need every edge possible to make consistent money !


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