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Forex Diary June 2021

Forex Diary June 2021

heres the story so far early June .....

My fixstart indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity

I also have many free indicators and advice here if you look in signature area...ive been trading Forex for 20 years (and other markets for much longer)....


plenty of low key bull currencies - but the Green USD swing dominated the

week.....then USD crumbled on the Friday NFPs ....


initial selloffs on green USD but then a dramatic swing happened (see bulls)

Red GBP got hammered on Tuesday ....Turquoise NZD sold off steadily from mid week

overall though so far the first week in june was lightweight for any G8 real range / movement ...aside from USD that swung some 120 pips in week (unusual)

Trend Followers - buying USD in pairs from Tues worked till Friday

Mean Reversion Traders - USD on Friday was a killer reversal (but i never advocate trading NFP real time)

im always here to help cut through the Trading BS that represents 95% of all Trading commentary and Social media these days ....absolute Zoo out there .....


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