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Forex Week ending 19th June 2020

great week in the market .....and GBP recorded a pretty rare event actually went (joint) High in the week shared with yellow Yen (who got there late friday night)  ....and then it preceded to swing some 250 pips to end up hitting -160's on Friday night .....thats pretty cool

Green USD opened week bear then came north but a slow ascent from tuesday .....

Nothing else really stands out for me ......big change of pace and direction from london morning session on Tuesday when global equities quietened for the rest of the week off good initial gains on money session ....Usd and Yen then swung north off the equity stall.............

trade of the week was swinging GBP south from morning london session on Tuesday off most other currencies

GBPJPY was the real high roller with some 450 pips on offer from highs to lows on that pair

I was pretty busy last week in my consultancy business but still enjoyed a few scalping sessions.....

and the indicator shown is available from link shown by donating a small Fee to the NHS Covid charity ....

have a good week gang


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