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Forex Week ending 26th June 2020

heres the week so far ....hows it all going ? 

see the consolidation in G8 since tuesdays peak ? ...a little premature as usually we can see this divergence running to at least wednesday .....but such is life .....monday was best day by far .......and yesterday was a real reversal on the big currencies like GBP and USD ......tricky plays 

aside from my intraday scalping i look for opportunities on the hourlies..... just like this chart ...make plays and come out by end of week ...depending on situation 

if you've watched my youtube videos you will see what i do .....

so what am i looking at ? ......

like in scalping i look for where the currencies are trending from fixed start point  and try to stay loyal to the Bull or Bear side im still tryint to work Yen and USD BEAR.......yesterday was a no play day on the hourlies can i make plays with Yen & USD them reversing / converging so much ?  

last few hours have seen a yen bounce south and usd neutral ....i see a bounce north on GBP and some emergence of AUD and NZD into the Bull arena for the week .....

im also watching Euro as its so marginal Bull now after some decent bull action all week ....last chance saloon maybe  

my plays / Thoughts

(this is not a perfect market so not that fussed about trading hourlies any more this week and time is running out into weekend )

1) Cable - attack on next bounce north using cable chart ....

2) EJ - frustratingly not bouncing north .....will monitor looking for a decent rebuy signal whilst Euro is still in bull territory 

3) AU and NU buys ..........looks relatively solid ....but with only some 36 hours left in market this week im not convinced of any decent margins ....

decisions decisions - welcome to trading !! ...

the indicator shown is available here by donating to charity 



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