Recommended links, Sites and Traders ....................... 

I have been trading for nearly 40 years now (I am 108 years old)  and over the years many many good traders and websites and even forums have come and gone are a few things i would suggest you take a look pressure , just a thought......


I have no commercial affiliations with these people, sites or publications .....I do however admit to having spent a lot of time learning from them ......hence why mentioned on this page ! 

Lance Beggs ..... 

The GOTO guy for price action trading , a great Trader and 100% nice guy - cheers Lance for all your help and advice over the years.

Yvan Byeajee......... 

I've only been corresponding with Yvan for a couple of years but this guy really has his mindset straight regarding trading and life ......


you can pay a lot of money for getting your emotional side of trading right (and i have at times).....this guy is one of the best around and offers a lot of free advice for the trading mindset and emotional pressures that come with it





Forex Factory....... has been around for years and years .....big site and a lot of sharks on it , but equally some awesome traders and programmers (some of which i have colaborated with at times on Strengthmeter based trading systems and software) - good calender as well ! ok for the basics of learning Forex trading......just watch the hidden over friendly vendors lurking .......I must admit i got banned when i was told i was advertising this FXCorrelator website ....strange as they had said it was ok when i first joined ......still a mystery to me but i'm not losing sleep over it and still happy to say their basics/academy section is good....just dont get lured into paying for anything !




Chat with Traders ........ Excellent library of podcasts in the theme of the Market Wizard books. Listen to as many as you can and learn from many many masters.  Don't just limit yourself to your own specialist area - I have learned lots from traders talking about other markets that helped me in my Forex Trading ......spread your net and learn from the best ! 







No Nonsense Forex ........ Patricks (VP) disruptive and charismatic approach to challenging many of the old school pillar stones in forex trading is refreshing and informative  - hes really only been around for about a year now - but some great videos and blogs ....he couldn't make forex strengthmeters work for him....but no-ones perfect ! 







ProsperianFX .......a relatively new website and training school. I'm a big fan of Petar and his team - we have corresponded for a few years now on Forex matters. His expertise is in Market profile, something i find fascinating and useful (although my own Strengthmeter strategies are still where I specialise). The great thing about trading is that there are many ways to make money as long as you are an expert in your field of trading , and Petar certainly is. If you talk to him say that Neil (NVP) says hello !.....

Timon Weller .......I've been following Timon for a while now since he first started marketing his ideas and systems....he has some solid and robust approaches to trading and i like his relaxed style ...his weekly updates on the higher timeframes give some interesting calls so worth a look....

My Mentors ........ I would love to recommend many of my mentors i have worked with over the years (across many markets and systems), but they all remain private people and happy to remain that way......if i can ever persuade any of them to come a little into the public domain i will place them here or recommend them to you 1 to 1 .......if you read my biggest thread at T2win (2.5 million views over many years now) you will see a handful of them making brief appearances over the years .......but never really being broadcast by me as mentors on that forum........i'm happy to respond to anyone by PM if you can guess who they are ....I still might be able to introduce you ! 


Nothing you wont have seen recommended before ......many classics here

Trading in the Zone ( Douglas) - Classic 

Market Wizards ( Schwager) - His early books are best - legendary Traders 

Trading for a Living  ( Elder) - Classic 

High Performance Trading  (Steve Ward) - Trading Coaching from one of the best

Manias,Panics and Crashes (Kindleberger) - Historical Markets & lessons from them 

Fooled by Randomness (Taleb) - Generalised look at probability and its effects....excellent 

I'm with him !
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