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Who am I ....?


I was born into a family of Bookmakers and was involved in the gambling business from a very early age - by my early teens I was a seasoned professional, making significant income from Horseracing and other Gambling businesses.  

Broadening my horizons, I qualified as an Accountant (ACCA) in the mid 1980's and have performed a multitude of senior Commercial / Finance roles with large Blue Chip companies in the UK and abroad before now running a successful consultancy business.


I was first introduced to Trading back in the early 80's as a trainee Accountant at Shell (back office support team to Oil Trading Floor) and have been involved in Trading ever since.

I have conducted my trading alongside my successful Finance career and since the early 2000's  I have specialised in developing and trading Forex strengthmeters whilst mentoring students when time allowed.

My Forex path ..... 

I was one of the first Pioneers of strengthmeter trading (in the retail market) way back in the early 2000's and am still learning something new every day. I have shared many of these insights (as well as many Indicators and systems) for free over the years at YouTube and Trade2win, where i am a regular contributor and still host one of the most viewed Forex threads in T2Wins history with over 3 Million Views (see my free links page).


My FXCorrelator free indicator has been downloaded thousands of times and i also post regularly at Forex Factory, Twitter and Facebook, where I share my insights into Forex  - providing live calls and market  commentaries when opportunities (and time) allows !

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Do I teach or mentor ? .....

I have been asked by hundreds of traders to teach my methods and techniques and have declined so far due to other commitments and the distractions this would cause to my own intensive trading schedules...perhaps one day ! 


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Anything else on your mind ? .....>>>>>>>>>


Over the years I have personally built hundreds of customised strengthmeters and also collaborated with many traders and programmers - developing  customised strengthmeter based indicators and systems for Clients needs  .....>>>>>>>>>


if you do have any questions please contact me by emailing or by simply filling in the form here on the right      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


or SKYPE me using the logo in the menu area for a chat  

I Promise i will respond when time allows !


Note - I am again now mentoring when i can, so its always worth asking if there is any time available for a chat....     

Wishing you safe and successful Trading ! 

 Neil (NVP)

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