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The FX PowerScanner - indicator and eBook for Ukraine Charities 

Following the interest and success of my recently published Trading eBook (see page here)  Trading eBook 


 I have now published a momentum based indicator that SIMPLIFIES selection of the best pairs to trade! 

The FX PowerScanner  Indicator and accompanying  82 page eBook will provide 100% Clarity on THE RIGHT PAIRS TO TRADE AT THE RIGHT TIME - so you do not now have to spend as much time on the manual indicators I offer like my FXCorrelator and FIX Start indicators every day.  

I am only offering this amazing Indicator and accompanying  eBook in return for further Donations to the British Ukrainian Aid fund

and to support the amazing people of the Ukraine in their fight for Freedom.....  

go to this page and follow the rules :-  FX POWERSCANNER

1) Donate to the Charity  (minimum £15 please) 

2) Forward the confirmation E-mail to and mention the FX PowerScanner and I will then send over the Indicator and accompanying eBook - everything is included here on how to upload and use this amazing indicator.



    NOTE 1 - the indicators in the eBook are only suitable for use on the MT4 platform

    and regrettably no refunds or rebates can be given on this 

    NOTE 2 - the indicator and accompanying eBook do give some entry and Exit strategies, But they do not  give

    my own favourite Entry / Exit strategies - these were only published in my original Trading eBook available

    here......  Trading eBook 


 To preview the FX PowerScanner and accompanying eBook see below : -                                                                                                                                                                  

 FX PowerScanner - Preview 



STOP  PRESS  - if you also buy the "trading my way" eBook as well as the FX PowerScanner above  -  you will be invited to my exclusive Discort chat forum where we talk about these strategies at length - so do it ! 

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