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Live calls on my threads ?

hey all - i do try to help traders by calling positions on my trading threads when i get time

damn hard though .....scalping and posting ....but i enjoy it !

heres one today ......Trade2win , Forex Factory and Baby pips threads covered

scalping is fast in and out (or smash and grab trading as i also call it sometimes)

5 pips is all you need to secure a B/e trade and then let it run takes time to learn how to do this .....but if it was easy everyone would be doing it .....right ?

Neil (NVP)

forex trading is a lot easier with a compass or map to show you what each currency (and indeed pair) is doing .........if you are focused on only 1 or 2 pairs I guarantee you are missing out on most of the profitable moves ......... for the G8 Currencies there are a total of 28 pair charts you need to be watching your screen that big ? unless you can afford that many screens (and multiple pairs of eyes !) you need to introduce forex strengthmeters into your trading strategy to filter/prioritise the trends and trading opportunities

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