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3 duck corrie 2nd November 2016

Updated: May 21, 2020

hey all

i'm not getting to screens as mentioned ........had 5 mins this morning so fired up the triple corrie for a quick look at markets ...the triple corrie is available free in my links below and at my website here in free downloads page

heres the 4Hr chart - the daddy - the one that steers the lower signals

look at Greenback (usd) .fresh into a sell mode (below zero)...thats a sell guys if aligned on lower TF's

brown Cads been hammering the sells for days now ......give it a break then resell on next signals

Blue Euros / Gray CHF are true blue BUY guys ........just keep hitting them when all signals align

yellow yen is a sell .....twithy but a sell

the GBP is pretty choppy ehy ?........follow the 3 ducks when aligned but i would like to see it more settled either bull or bear on this 4h signal level

thats it ..........use the lower TF as further steers (especially the 1 hr 60ma ....the 5min is a trigger)

have a good week ...............


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