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More Fix Start indicator advice ....

ok if you are combining the 2 indicators (Fix start and MA)

Then my usual favourite strategy is to look for trends in the fixed indicator and then pullbacks being offered on the ma based indicator that way you are targetting some great moves based on a leading currency ......

the higher the MA you use the bigger the pullbacks you are waiting for .....still based on the start date / time being used

heres this mornings london session i am trading Live at moment ....the start time is 6am GMT on top chart

See how Green usd is CLEARLY a BEAR sell......

see how the 7ma gives 5 signals to resell as green line goes back down below zero line ?

see how the 20ma gives only 3 signals to resell as green line goes back down below zero line ?

you have to ask yourself how aggressive you want to be ....and how long you leave the Fixed start in as a base line .....

i am a session trader i start a London FIX , Them a US session FIX ...2 fixed starts

or i could just let the morning session run all day ....(mainly what i publish here)

and i also run a weekly Fix session trading the 1 hour charts ..ending friday nights

maybe monthlies as well......start midnight 1st of month ....

so unless you have a reason to let a fix date / time extend into other periods .....I see no added value in them ...but thats just me ....also random start dates dont make sense....

back to the chart a perfect world you want confluence of signals when both mas are below the Zero perhaps

but that adds delays to the faster 7ma it waits for 20ma .....swings and roundabouts !!!!

anyway its up to you guys to decide ......your money ....nothing works perfctly 24/7

so pick your currency you want to watch ....then wait for a signal ...then pick the second currency to trade in the pair ......(see my recent youtube videos on choosing that one).........

HINT ...I use USD as an example on most of my commentaries ......but it will not be guaranteed as the LEAD currency in a chosen pair unless it is already significantly trending ......many times when i am trading i seek out the ALPHA currencies to be the currency I am looking at as a Fix/MA combo .....and USD simply becomes a secondary currency i may chose if it fits the bill (trending on opposite side of the alphas move) in this example the yen is more of a sell than the USD it may have taken priority as an alpha trade at times ....8-10 times for me the alpha will not include will normally be

Yen and or GBP and or CAD and or NZD.......USD,CHF,EUR and AUD are normally less volatile and become secondary currencies to pair to the Alphas .....

REMEMBER THIS one tells you this stuff ....!

in my example below today - clearly the Bull currencies were red GBP , turquoise NZD and Blue Euro mainly so far today

and trade !

hope this helps

SO TODAY there's been some great action by selling Yen into the Bulls and Selling USD into the Bulls

thats eliminated a lot of other pairs to worry about .....

there are so many good triggers out there to use on pair charts experiment with them and find one you like !

good trading !


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