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My Courses and Training 



#2 - Intermediate / Advanced Forex Strengthmeters 

Suitable For who ? - Intermediate Traders being able to demonstate a core competency of Trading knowledge and practical experience live Trading - and having taken the Introduction strengthmeter course above - No Novices / Beginners

Whats covered ? - full support to traders looking to define / develop their own trading edge around Forex strengthmeter principles in line with their Lifestyle / Income needs 


Format ? -  e-book ,  video series , additional Indicators , 1 to 1 mentoring*

UPDATE (Q2 2022) -  still too busy to build and launch - please stay subscribed and watch this space for snippits and tasters - IN THE INTERIM PLEASE REFER TO MY eBOOK published above in Mar 2022. 

#3 - Scalping with Forex Strengthmeters 

Suitable For who ? - Intermediate  / Advanced Traders looking to trade 1min Timeframe intra day.  Expectation of Trader being well versed in Trading techniques and already live trading - No novices / Beginners 


Whats covered ? - opportunity to learn and share how NVP trades the market. 


Format ? - e-book , video series, full package of scalping indicators,   1 to 1 mentoring, Private Trading room access 

UPDATE (Q2 2022)  - My most popular request ! .....this is the toughest speciality area in trading in my opinion and hardest for traders to adapt to ......(although also the most lucrative if executed well) main issue is how to teach this for optimum learning experience for students....most online courses are not up to the mark and very inferior re training figuring the 2 other courses above will be launched first and will test/prove the methodology for the scalping course.......Based on current timings this will be launched after the successful introduction of the other 2 product launches......IN THE MEANTIME PLEASE REFER TO MY eBOOK published above in Mar 2022. 

#4 - EA - Automated Trading indicators

Suitable For who ?

These MT4  EA based indicators trade automatically and do not require any trading expertise at all to use.


They are being coded and developed by myself and my expert Team. All Trades will be based on my best relative strength strategies developed over the last 20 years in Forex Trading. 

Format ? - To be announced but will be offered over the latest and most secure and reliable platforms to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence .

UPDATE (Q2 2022)  - My Relative Strength Trading strategies  (whilst profitable)  have always required significant screen-time,  effort and concentration to execute -  I am now developing them into workable automated trading systems (EAs)  thanks to some very very talented programmers !


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