I developed this Fixed Start strengthmeter several years ago with some great programmers and kept it as part of my private collection although i have shared it many times in my Blogs and market commentaries.

Over that time hundreds of Traders have requested a copy, and now for the first time in 2020 I am offering you all the chance to use it in your forex trading  

I am offering this in return for Donations to the UK NHS Charities fund - to support all those amazing people risking their lives for others 

go to this page and follow the rules :-  JustGiving NHS Charity 

1) Donate to the Charity  (minimum £15 please) 

2) Forward the confirmation E-mail to and I will then send over the indicator

3) watch the video below at Youtube and also download the PDF here explaining how it works

NOTE - this indicator is only suitable for the MT4 platform  - no refunds or rebates will be given 

VIDEO 1                                                                                          VIDEO 2 



                                                                         PDF INSTRUCTIONS & LOADING INFORMATION





when you decide to trade a currency pair without consulting the Fxcorrelator family of indicators there is only a 28/1 chance you are trading the best signal you really want to take that risk ?   

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I have spent the last 20 years trading systems based on this indicator and its other derivatives ......please visit the Links page on this website to see the many resources available and the Free indicators, advice and consulting i have provided.

I will hopefully be running courses again in the future so please register on this site (CV page has registration info) and i will be in touch when that happens ....there is no pressure and no hassle from me to join of participate.


People that know me will tell you I am a Successful independent Trader and Business consultant who choses to provide commercial FX training at times based on demand from traders that have profited from the multitude of free training material, indicators and articles I have published in the last 15 years.

I hope you enjoy the indicator and this website / Blog .....please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and i look forward to perhaps talking one day ......


Best Regards and wishing you a successful trading career..... 



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