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Welcome to my world !

its been a while since I had a Website / Blog presence....

workload and time pressures just don't allow me get to get everything done.....isnt that just the way of things in life ?

I will Blog here when i have something to say about the Forex world and my own unique spin regarding Forex strengthmeters and market correlation.

I will still keep posting at Trade2win , Forex Factory and Babypips - and I may even get some more videos on Youtube some day (promises promises NVP !)

you all know how to contact me so feel free to pop in anywhere on the forums and introduce yourself ....... or just drop me a line anyway and tell me how YOUR trading is going !


Neil (NVP)

forex trading is a lot easier with a compass or map to show you what each currency (and indeed pair) is doing .........if you are focused on only 1 or 2 pairs I guarantee you are missing out on most of the profitable moves ......... for the G8 Currencies there are a total of 28 pair charts you need to be watching your screen that big ? unless you can afford that many screens (and multiple pairs of eyes !) you need to introduce forex strengthmeters into your trading strategy to filter/prioritise the trends and trading opportunities

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