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Forex Diary for June 2023

Forex Diary for June 2023

Hey all -

sorry for lack of posting - ive been very tied up on a lot of projects - I am also still researching and testing a lot of interesting new ideas in my trading, plus sticking to my own systems - especially around forex strengthmeters which i have used since 2000/2001

heres June so far ......


Orange AUD and Brown CAD were the main bulls in june 2023 far anyway


Yellow JPY has been a Dog through June so far Green USD has also been sold at times ....

on the Daily FXPowerscanner (left indicator) we see the best trending pairs in the 28 variations possible for G8 on a daily setting ....JPY pairs dominating the top 7 pairs and all on sell sell sell JPY (no surprises there)

on the Fix start indicator (right chart) we saw the big movers hitting highs and lows through the month so far.....

have a good weekend


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