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Forex Diary 2023 YTD

Forex Diary 2023 YTD


Red GBP and Grey CHF doing well so far .....other players earlier in year like Green USD and Blue Euro have faded....


early Yellow JPY weakness seen by end of Feb then rallied into march ..but JPY has fallen again and now is having a very bad 2023

on the Weekly FXPowerscanner (left indicator) we see the best trending pairs in the 28 variations possible for G8 - top 7 still favouring a strong GBP and Weak JPY

on the Fix start indicator (right chart) we saw the big movers hitting highs and lows through the YTD ....

been a good year for traders following the relative momentum in the market....especially if you anticipated and followed that awesome double JPY sell …hitting the best bullish currencies at those times (like GJ)

back soon....i'm currently working on some other projects and also grabbing vacation time...


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