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% returns on Capital - The Scalping way

remember the sums on scalping vs other options With scalping you can :- - utilise say 2% of bank per scalp - set hard/soft stops at 5 pips per scalp - aim for a decent win rate (70%+)....... so on 5 pips thats roughly 0.4% of your bank earned per (net) positive pip achieved in a session I cranked out roughly 100 pips on those last 3 trades called today (see my threads) that's 40% of my bank in under 2 hours ?? ok sure that's been a better day than normal and I do split my trades into 2-3 contracts to be safer but even if you said I only took 0.2% of bank per trade off those 100 pips ...... that's still 20% return of cap in under 2 hours ?? I look for a minimum of 20 pips in my 2 hour sessions .........50 is better for me in truth....and I could hit that out the park most days if I allow myself 6-8 hours trading live so that's 10% a day return on cap I am targeting ........10% sure its a tough target .......but that's the beauty of leveraging scalping and high volume of scalps vs other systems ........the returns are there for the successful traders if you are a consistent and profitable trader with a decent edge you should make the numbers........ even 2-3% a day ROCE would add up over the weeks / months vs other methods watching paint dry ......right ? (Return On Capital Employed) as I have stated many times ..........anyone who possesses the determination and drive and focus to learn to trade (scalp) with a decent edge will be successful over time.........just get stuck in and make it happen cheers N

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