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BREXIT comes to town.....

Good morning

I have traded for most of the night and now taking a quick break before the stock markets open ..........shattered !

as already communicated in my threads at T2win , FF and Babypips I cannot remember when i last traded with such a heavy heart selling my beloved GBP (and in fact the Euro) off against the world ...but i did , i'm a trader

Emotions play a fantastic part in trading .......they impact the dynamics of the markets you are trading and naturally your own emotions for they form the very core of how you perform as a trader

forget those rules you have made up and the system you have ..thats just detail ......the real deal is you and how you do the job

Ive been in the business for many fact ive been betting since i was a kid so its second nature overall the event in the night wasnt that hard for me to trade ..........the machine kicked in and i got on with the job

but i dont want to make a habit of this as its just too draining on the emotions

The bank account may present spectacular returns from about 4 hours work ...........but then again its only money

The political and economic landscape of the UK and indeed Europe will never ever be the same again from this day



PS - just to put things in perspective people know I use volatility meters for the G8 to help gauge when to trade ........part of my bespoke Scalping systems I am more than happy to be trading off of minimum +20 to +30's most days .........below that I cant be bothered much as I need momentum in the market I recorded a G8 Vix value of over 800 at one point in the evening ...........that's what the market was doing last night !!!!

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