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Dear NVP

So to give you my experience level: I've been watching on the sidelines for years and years and have done a lot of reading but little actual trading. I'm looking now for a time tested method that I can learn. Do you have proprietary method that you recommend? I very well might take your suggestions, but I want to get the options available first.

firstly - I do hear all of you guys !

I promise to take a long hard think about a 100% standalone strengthmeter system I can recommend for traders that doesnt take months to learn and perfect (like my scalping would)

the stuff I have out there on websites and links and youtube videos is effective but a little disjointed and novices will find it difficult to operate if they are still learning the ropes ..............

so the 80/20 , the 3 ducks corrie , and other many ideas and strengthmeter systems I offer do need fine tuning from someone who understands the basics a little price action validation , Support , resistance , Stop loss positioning etc etc ..............mainly things I expect a intermediate trader to do second nature without thinking.....just adding their 10% of preferences and spin to my 90% system instructions .....

they are not fully documented standalone systems like many people see or buy

so I will have a think and pull something together .......I have many in the attic but I should really pull something together (for free) so even novices can trade a decent system with relative confidence if they follow the rules

so - watch this space !


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