Less is More ......

Hey All

I was talking to a few Traders over the weekend that I mentor from time to time

they both do their own thing these days - still a good % of forex Strengthmeter systems involved in there but generally they have evolved to their own styles ......as we all do eventually ......we are all different and that has to be recognised in your eventual style of trading...we are not clones !

my main comments were they are both over trading ..........you can have too much of a good thing if you start to lower standards on signals taken .......

Less is more sometimes !

they teased me about posts like this a while back - but my defence was I was fine-tuning a scalping system so was blasting away to build up the trade sample level ...and scalping pretty well from what i rememeber !!!


remember - less is more in trading ........so don't push it [url]http://www.trade2win.com/boards/forex/71854-correlation-trading-basic-ideas-strategies-2051.html#post2533242[/url]

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