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Prove it !?........

got an email over weekend asking me why i dont publish results or appear on any of the new platforms as a trader (ie Tradeo / Zulutrader / etoro)....

well to split that question into 2 :-

1) I have publicised results on my threads at times (See below) - result ? - no one believed them !

in fact myself and 2-3 other traders got harrassed for weeks while we defended our published results and eventually stopped arguing with the other members involved....they just wouldnt accept what experienced traders can make or can do they just kept flaming the threads like petulant schoolboys till many got banned from the sites ......what a waste of time....and thats why I simply do not bother anymore ....who cares anyway ? .......its the next trade that counts ...not the last 10,000 !

2) why arent I on the many new social trading sites attracting investors and making them (and myself) even more money ?

heres why :-

They are not yet as evolved as I need them to be to join (Legals/Ethics/IT Platforms)

I will join the right site (if available) when i can trade F/T again in 2017

there is a site that shows great promise (Darwinex)....I have been talking to a few traders who use it and it could be a good platform for me to join at some point watch this fact theres some really good traders there so i keep an eye already on them......meanwhile if yuo want my opinion a lot of the other social sites promote what we call "churn and burn" traders - so beware of them with your money !

until then - thankfully i'm still relatively low profile and private as a trader !


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