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Trading up and downs .....

hey all happy new year ..........jees ive had a stinker in truth ..laid up for nearly 10 days with man flu ............cant remember a thing about xmas or new year ....hahahahaha ........feeling partially human today so back in the consulting saddle but not trading as yet will get to some charts in next week or so

a word of advice ....never ever trade when you are not feeling well..... either emotionally or physically , or overtired or over excited etc etc ....the list goes on

you have to be in a good place (or Zone) feeling balanced and alert to trade......anything else and you may as well flush the money down a toilet in advance !

i once had to step down from trading for many months due to emotional stress/pressure from family and work related issues trading was (naturally) also falling through the floor so my mentor finally persuaded me to just stop and walk away for a while untill i was in a better headspace (I am a stubborn SOB by the way !)

eventually i got my act together and came back stronger and wiser.......

so make sure you too dont fall foul of such things is hard enough when you are level headed dont offer up losses when you are feeling out of sorts !!!

2017 ? - bring it !!!! N

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