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Week ended 28 April 2017

hey all

long long few weeks as my consultancy work keeps me away from my scalping

(although i am working with a group on some interesting research)

will try to get more to screens in next few weeks and Blog more


meanwhile heres my FXcorrelator on a 60 setting for 1 hr (available in free links page) .......this is middle timeframe analysis ..lets us see where the potential was for triggering trades on 5 mins last week started wth a very bull blue euro so all eyes would have been on trying to buy into it ...a little choppy but it did roll back north before fading midweek Red GBP was the main bull play all week eh ? .......see how it came up from tuesday and kept running ? yellow yen opened bear and was sold off again early week only Brown Cad really took pain as well ...... Turquoise

NZD offers sells early week by mid week it was pretty flat eh ?..........tough to make a buck iver last 2-3 days unless you caught some GBP bull or the Cad bear moves N

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