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Correlation Patterns

heres Jack Crook and the gang ........


aside from a few interesting observations on AUD , CAD and USD the main point i like in his blog is that

My editor’s note is this: I realize correlation isn’t causation. I realize correlations can change at any moment because every moment in the market is unique. I realize it isn’t always easy to determine which variable leads and which follows in a seeming correlation; it may be neither as both may be driven by some other narrative/variable/rationale, etc. But sometimes divergences in prior correlations which have stood for a while can represent nice setups for a winning trade.

that sums up my entire approach to trading Currency Strengthmeters and Forex correlation patterns (for over 16 years now) ........sometimes patterns occur that have a very high % probability of producing profits :)

its that simple ......N

PS ive taken a look on my charts at CAD , AUD and usd in last 10 years (above) me ...sure CAD and AUD are generally moving in same direction ......but to me I dont care about that ........look at the rise of the Greenback .........thats much more important a pattern and selling other currencies into it .............sure Cad and AUD in 2015 for the sells...but certainly not in 2016/2017 .....I GUARANTEE that other currencies will be better to sell that these Commdolls ...........

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